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One Small Device Giving Accurate Radon Count

You would not know radon even if you tried. Both the US Surgeon General and the Environmental Protection Agency have marked this down as one of the worst and most dangerous indoor pollutants about. The false impression is created that because the indoor air smells so clean and fresh, thanks to air conditioning and HVAC and all other purifiers in use, it is devoid of pollution. In many cases, this might be true.

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Indeed, once the most effective indoor air purifiers, air conditioning and HVAC systems are installed and used in its proper manner, most indoor air pollutants will have been removed. But not radon. Quite possibly the worst and most dangerous indoor air pollutant about. No matter what system is being used, you would not know what hit you even if you tried. People are getting sick for reasons beyond their doctors’ reasoning.

They can never quite put their finger on it. And all those good people who never smoked a day in their lives are still wondering just how it was possible for them to contract lung cancer. That is what radon does. It causes lung cancer, amongst other death-inducing diseases. Only a radon machine atlanta ga can help put a stop to this. And all it takes is just the use of a single handheld device. Without it you would never know.

You can see the dust in your air. You cannot always see the bacteria but sometimes you can smell it if it is that thick. But radon? No. You will never be able to see it. Nor will you ever be able to smell it. Before anyone needs to get sick again, or worse, get tested. Get your home or office tested for radon.